Like body, like planet, water makes us who we are. It’s our life source, our playground and our inspiration. It’s the key to our hearts and our tomorrow and it’s something we want to protect.

Turning the tide on the wave of single-use plastics, fast-fashion and throw-away goods, at SeaKind we want to make our blue planet a little greener again. From our home-county of Cornwall, we’re making it our mission to clean up our waves and beaches and loosen the chokehold of plastic pollution by championing beautiful beach-ware that’s kind to the planet.

Fighting for tomorrow to make today that little bit sweeter the salty way, our range of earth-conscious beach goods are all designed with quality, durability and sustainability at the forefront. The kind of statement pieces that make you feel good for all the right reasons, they inject comfort, style and, of course, fun into coastal dips and daily trips whilst leaving little trace on the planet. And with good reason too.

Fighting for tomorrow

According to Greenpeace, researchers believe that up to 12 million tonnes of plastic goes into our oceans every year – which is equivalent to one truck full of rubbish every single minute*. While this largely comes from household and commercial waste, on the coastlines around Cornwall this wave of rubbish is made worse by the mass of flimsy or single-use products that are discarded onto our beaches and into our seas every single day.

From toxic suncreams to fragile polystyrene bodyboards, we see the same repeat offenders year after year. And we’re fighting for change. Step by sandy step, we are paving the way for tomorrow’s beach and a thriving blue planet. Forgoing poorly-made and novelty goods, our gorgeous products are independently made by artisan producers using sustainable methods, showing just how attractive cleaning up our coastlines can be.

A Seakind beach boutique

With everything from luxury beach blankets UK-made with 100% sustainably-sourced and recycled materials to masterfully crafted wooden bellyboards handmade in Cornwall, our range of Seakind products caters to every generation for the very best, guilt-free days by the sea. Selected for eco-excellence, they are handpicked to match our stringent sustainability criteria, ensuring that they
each have as low an impact on the planet as possible.

Wonderful for treating yourself or gifting to family and friends, they are all made to fundamentally inspire every generation with the thrill of salt-kissed hours and the promise of brighter days to come. If you’d like to see what’s on offer in our beach boutique, you will find all sorts of ocean-friendly goodies that make for the perfect life-long companions for days by the shore. Afterall, the cleaner the beach, the cleaner the future for all.

Take a look at our beach boutique here.

* Why is there so much plastic in the ocean? | Greenpeace UK