We’re here to help protect our waves and beaches by making earth conscious objects, designed to enhance long days spent on or near the sand and to be passed down to the next in line.

Our purpose

To clean up our waves and beaches, with style.

The beach is our church and circus, it’s where we seek sanctuary and find joy. On sand. In sea.

But with every neon-flecked tide and beach bin spillover, disposable culture is casually tightening its chokehold on our free-space.

We’re here to help clean up our coastline by making earth conscious beach goods and homewares more desirable than their polluting counterparts.

Our vision

Life moves fast and whilst we all strive to live sustainably in the present, it can be hard to brush aside the pressure to do better.

Our brand is made for tomorrow so you can live for today.

We are building a product line which rewards you with a clear conscience, knowing that the beach and homewares which surround you leave only the lightest footprints in the sand.

Our roots

Al and Gem are the founders behind Seakind – two salt-veined thalassophiles striving to build a like-minded community to make our blue planet a little greener again.

Working from their home-county of Cornwall, their mission is to clean up our waves and beaches and loosen the choke of plastic pollution – all the while injecting fun and style into everything they do and create.

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